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          Instrument Design & Mfg. Co. LLC

          We specialize in the manufacture of embalming instruments and related products. For more information on our products and where you can purchase them, contact us!

          Contact Info

          Products and Videos

          All of our current products are listed here, complete with images, full documentation, set up guides and videos. Anything that is found in the catalog will also be found here. Click here to visit the Instrument Design Youtube Page

          Download the Catalog

          At Instrument Design we provide a large, up-to-date PDF catalog of all of our products. From Needle Drivers to Hydro Aspirators to Trocars and countless adapters, you'll find it here.

          Instrument Design & Mfg. Co LLC

          (603) 606-5412 | sales@embalminginstrument.com

          25 Harvey Road, Unit 6, Bedford, NH 03110

          © 2020 Instrument Design & Mfg. Co. LLC. All Rights Reserved ·

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